Efficiency Payback Calculator

Efficiency Payback Comparison Calculator

Is a premium efficiency motor worth the premium?

You decide. Here's an example: A local manufacturing plant operates a piece of equipment 24 hours a day (8760 hours per year). The local utility charges 9 cents per kilowatt hour. This piece of equipment needs a new 25 HP 1800 RPM motor. Based on the annual savings formula, the premium efficient will save over $200 per year.

Try it yourself. Take a couple of typical installations in your plant. Plug in the numbers in the payback analysis. Based on your individual situation, is it worth the premium?
Premium Efficiency Motor Horsepower:

Percent Load:
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Energy cost per kilowatt hour: (ie. 12)

Running Time:
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Efficiency(%) of Standard or EPACT Efficiency Motor: (ie. 91)

Efficiency(%) of EPACT or Premium Efficiency Motor: (ie. 94)

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